• Cancer Research and Clinical Trials in Bullhead City, AZ

    The Mohtaseb Cancer Center & Blood Disorders is pleased to announce that, in our continuous efforts to advance services provided at our office, we recently joined a renowned cancer and research center network. With such progress, we will have the opportunity to advance patients' care with innovative new therapeutic options in our practice. Our state-of the art facility is equipped with the latest technology, trained staff and healthcare professionals.

    Established in 2006 (First in Kingman), our practice has become a trusted name for cancer treatment and care all over Mohave County. We are dedicated to providing compassionate care and innovative cancer treatments. Our current location in Bullhead City provides easy access throughout the tristate area and allows us to serve a large community in the North and West of Arizona with the highest level of care.

    At the Mohtaseb Cancer Center & Blood Disorders, we have gained extensive knowledge and experience in building successful practice over the years. We believe collaboration is crucial for the success of our mission. Our mission is to provide THE HIGHEST level of care and open the doors for all recent therapies. We are committed to a collaborative environment where our team can explore novel approaches and new treatments that can significantly impact patients global health outcomes.

    Therefore we are excited to establish a partnership with Sargon Research in Canton, OH, a leader in innovative nationwide clinical research. Nationwide, less than 3% of cancer patients are enrolled in clinical trials and only 13% of oncologists participate in clinical research. However we strongly believe that clinical trials are the future of cancer treatment and have the potential to dramatically improve patients' lives.

    What Can Clinical Research Mean for You as a Patient?

    With joining the network of clinical trials, and with our experienced team led by Dr. Mohtaseb, participating in clinical research studies will make it easier for the Mohtaseb Cancer Center & Blood Disorders to utilize more therapies and practice higher level of Hematology and Oncology. Our solutions are designed to help patients overcome any obstacles during their journey for cure and provide tailored support and guidance at every level of care.

    We are confident that by combining our expertise and resources, we can make significant strides in medical practice and improve quality of life for our patients.

    What are Clinical Trials?

    Clinical trials are research studies in which patients may volunteer to take part. We use clinical trials to find better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

    Clinical trials are part of a long, careful process, which may take many years. First, doctors study a new treatment in the lab. Then they often study the treatment in animals. If a new treatment shows promise, doctors then test the treatment in people. Doctors do this in three to four steps, or phases.

    Are Clinical Trials Safe?

    Our most important job is to protect patients. First, we protect patients in clinical trials by following well-planned protocols:

    • Explains the treatment plan
    • Lists the medical tests patients will receive
    • Gives the number of how many patients will take part in the clinical trial
    • Lists eligibility criteria, which are guidelines to decide who may join the clinical trial
    • Explains safety information

    Second, we protect patients by using a careful informed consent process. The basic principle in clinical trials is Safety and Non-inferiority, meaning, in order to approve a clinical trial it has to be first safe, and second, not below the benefit of the current modalities available in practice.