We see our new oncology patients in a few days, if not, the same day as referral if necessary. We see all types of adult oncology (cancer) and hematology (blood diseases). Dr Mohtaseb is happy to discuss any case with the referring provider over the phone. We are experienced in a wide spectrum of diseases that integrates hematology/oncology to other sub-specialties in medicine. 

Bone Marrow Biopsy

The procedure is done in the office, with the convenience of our patients in mind. the procedure is performed by Dr. Mohtaseb, and takes under 10 minutes - nearly painlessly and complication-free. 

Infusion Suite 

In our treatment suite, we deliver all types of infusion including Reclast and Prolia (for Osteoporosis), Orencia, and Remicade (for Rheumatoid / Psoriatic Arthritis, Ulcerative Colitis / Chohn’s Disease) Gamma Globulins (for different immune-mediated conditions), Intravenous antibiotics, Hydration, and many types of injections. It is all administered in a safe and sterile environment, under the direct supervision of Dr. Mohtaseb 

Coagulation Clinic (Blood Clotting) 

We run in-house INR (international normalization ratio) testing to monitor blood thinner therapy (warfarin or coumadin). Patients get immediate advice on dose adjustment which guarantees efficient and safe anticoagulant therapy. We also manage all aspects related to such therapy, all done directly by our physician.


We administer all our treatments in-house by our well-experienced, certified nursing staff. Each treatment is delivered under direct supervision of Dr. Mohtaseb, who constantly reviews each order, labs, and chemotherapy preparation before administration. 



Most of our patients receive results with 5-15 minutes, which facilities delivering exceptionally quick care. We have a dedicated laboratory staff and state of the art equipment.

Dispensing Pharamcy 

We have a licensed, in-house dispensing pharmacy on our premises. The department is staffed by experienced and licensed personnel. Each prescription is dispensed under the direct supervision of Dr. Mohtaseb. Patients find it very convenient to receive their prescriptions from our in-house pharmacy, where there are no waiting lines.